Rules of The Otterbourne Allotments and Gardens Association



1. Name of Society:


The Otterbourne Allotments and Gardens Association - (The Association)


2. Membership


The Association shall consist of such persons as the Committee may admit to membership. The spouse/partner of any member shall have full membership rights.


3. Procedures for Joining/Leaving the Association


- Application to join shall be made to the Chairman. A payment of the current year’s subscription and a £4.00 joining fee shall be made to the Treasurer.


- Request to resign from the Association shall be made to the Chairman.


- Should an Allotment Holder be asked to give up tenancy the membership fee is not returnable.


- In the event of the death of a Member the tenancy shall remain in force for the benefit of their beneficiaries for a period of 2 months before the allotment is re-allocated.


4. Member’s Responsibilities


- Rents shall be paid on or before the 1st day of April each year.


- Members who have not paid their annual subscription on or before the AGM will be deemed to have resigned.


- Members shall keep their allotment gardens clean, in a good state of cultivation and fertility, and in good condition. It is recommended that a minimum of 8 hours work per week throughout the year be required to achieve this.


- Members shall keep every hedge and path that form part of their allotment gardens properly cut and trimmed. Under no circumstances are Members allowed to make alterations to external fences and gates.


- Members shall not cause any nuisance or annoyance to the occupier of any other allotment garden or adjoining properties.


- Members shall not in any way obstruct any path set out by the Council for use of occupiers of the Allotment Gardens.


- Members shall not use barbed wire for a fence adjoining any path on the Allotment Gardens.


- Bonfires are allowed on the Allotment Gardens (restricted to Wednesday evenings), and must be more than 15 metres from the public road. Due consideration shall be given to other allotment holders and occupiers of surrounding private residences when lighting bonfires.


- No livestock, including bees and caged birds, shall be kept on the Allotment Gardens.


- Dogs are allowed on the Allotment gardens but must be kept on a lead at all times. Dog owners shall always clean up after their dogs.


- Members shall only use bucket, can or other handheld container for the purpose of watering their allotments. Hose pipes and other improvised irrigation systems are specifically prohibited.


- Members shall not erect any building on the Allotment Gardens without the consent of the Committee.


- Members shall not underlet all or any part of their Allotments.


- Apart from long term sickness, members are to tend their own Allotment, and not to employ others.


5. Management Committee


To be elected at AGM and consist of: -

- Chairman

- Hon. Secretary

- Hon. Treasurer

- and three Committee Members


- All automatically retire after one years service but are eligible to seek re-election.


- Individual Management Commitee members can be elected at the quarterly committee meetings.


6. Powers of Committee


The Committee has the right to:-

Conduct the business of the Association, i.e. liaison with Parish Council etc.

Request members to keep allotments cultivated.

Terminate the membership of Members not observing the rules of the Association.


7. Meetings


- The AGM to be held annually in April, with 28 days notice given to members.

- Committee meetings to be held at least quarterly.


8. Financial Year


The financial year shall terminate on 31st March.


9. Auditing of Accounts


The Treasurer to present accounts at the AGM.


10. Banking and Signing of Cheques

- Appointed Bankers - HSBC Eastleigh , Signatories - Treasurer and Chairman.


11. Aims/Objects


To encourage an interest in horticulture by the cultivation of allotments, to the benefit of members, and to provide a service to the community.


12. Inspection of Accounts


Any member may inspect the accounts on written request to the Treasurer.


13. Purchases


- Members may only purchase goods for their own use.

- Members breaking this rule will automatically be expelled from the Association.


14. Amendment to Rules


Amendment to rules to be agreed by the Committee.


Effective date 22 February 2008